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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

And Civ4 Arrives

Last week I wrote 40 pages of the book in a single sitting. This week I wrote 2. Reason: Civ 4. Productivity is currently down 95%... Thanks a lot Sid!

It is blasphemous to say this but the Civ series is a great example of cross selling through creation of sequels. Each civ game is great, but mostly each civ game is the SAME. Sure the effects are different, the graphics are different, and even some new items are added or taken away... but the core of the game is entirely unchanged. Yet like Civ 3, 2, and 1 I can not put it down. Change a few dynamics in your game and update the graphics; that's all it takes to create a sequel and SEQUELS SELL.

A section of the book is dedicated to sequel vs. non-sequel decisions... but the summary of it is they are both easier to market and easier to sell.

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