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Monday, February 26, 2007

GameDev Article on Portals

I finally wrote an update to this blog! AND... I wrote another article for GameDev! First in a long time.

The subject is what portals want - or more accurately what we want at ArcadeTown. We only assume other portals think on the same lines, but obviously can't speak for them.

Enjoy it :)



Blogger Hanford said...

Good article. However, I have some questions/clarifications:

1. Connection to a third party site. You don't mention whether or not "silent" connections are allowed -- having high-scores displayed in the game, but being posted and fetched silently through a server. Do you frown on slient connections?

2. Branding. Could you explain more about what a branding no-no is? For example, can I place my company's logo throughout levels, or on in-world billboards? Can I recommend other games that I've made? Can I have an "about" page? I'd love to hear your thoughts on these.

3. The name. What's an example of a bad name? Should I avoid made-up words, or are made-up words (like Aveyond, for example) okay?

4. Online web versions -- do these always require a companion download version, or can you sell an extended version that is still web-based?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but you opened a pandora's box by posting thatr article! Keep it coming.


4:41 AM  

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