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Monday, December 04, 2006

Credit Cards Declare War!

I'm a little behind the times with this- and sorry for the lack of updates.

Ok, this one has little to do with game marketing directly. I promise a game marketing post next.

I have now seen numerous different commercials for credit card companies. There once was a time when they would battle each other, claiming superiority in a variety of ways.

Today the enemy of Visa and Mastercard is no longer eachother, but cash its self. Yeah, for those who haven't been watching TV there's been a blitz of "Anti-cash" advertising, attempting to persuade you that using credit is easier than using cash (which is true in many cases).

So for all of you making sci-fi games where people use "credits" and "cred chips" - the future is now!

I must admit, I don't carry much cash on me. Rarely more than 20 dollars (for anyone planning to mug me)... so perhaps there's a valid point in the ads; but beware that consumer spending trap!

I'll never forget you Washington, Lincoln, Jackson... and I wish I had seen you more often Mr. Franklin, may you rest in peace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about VGSmart being shelved. I wish you the best of luck and times at ArcadeTown!

And don't get rid of your blog! It's a very nice read! (Exclamation point!)

1:28 PM  

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