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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

E3... And my opinion

By now everyone has heard about and has an opinion on E3.

Here's my quote that I gave a major website on behalf of one of my clients:

"It's about damn time someone cleaned up that over-hyped, garbage spewing, media circus. LA has enough over-hyped, garbage spewing, media circuses without our industry's help."

Ok, maybe that was a little too harsh (or maybe not harsh enough)- but the fact remains that E3 was a broken system. Oh yes, the gamers will whine, no more will they have a chance to drink booze for three days while they get in the way of actual business. Poor them.

E3 was nothing but a load of bullshit fed to anyone who'd believe it and I, for one, am happy someone put their foot down. It is SUPPOSED to be an industry only event. It is supposed to be about business meetings wearing nice suits, shaking hands, and getting a chance to convince a BUYER that your new product is worth them ordering an extra x-thousand units... and fun stuff like that.

So I have a thousand people on my press release list. If E3 does it right there should be, maybe, 5,000 people attending that show this year- because that is all the people who SHOULD be there. That's 55,000 people who I never should have seen any other year... and god bless them who made me wait an hour to get a cup of coffee, delayed me en route to important meetings, or stank the bathroom up with their nappy ass gamer smell.

Good riddens you industry leeches, but keep buying our games anyway ;-)


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