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Indie Game Marketing from the author of the Game Marketing book, The Indie Developer's Guide to Selling Games. Video Game Marketing made simple... or at least as simple as I can make it.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mac Game Radio Review!

Mac Game Radio has reviewed the Indie Developer's Guide to Selling Games.

Woot? :) Omaha highly reccomnds the book to any indie developers. While she had a few minor complaints (who doesn't), I felt she did a pretty good job going over some of the things that are both good and bad.

It's pretty early in the podcast so listen away! Plus they talk about the NEW NW Game Convention which went on in Portland and was put on by one of my favorite 'local' writers- Beth A. Dillon. B

Also a couple people mentioned my blog has been a little harsh lately. Sorry folks, I was a little angry when I wrote the last few posts. I'll be nicer in the near future.

Thanks to Mac Game Radio www.igameradio.com and see you at next years Northwest Game Convention http://www.nwgamesfestival.com


Anonymous dustin said...

Harsh isn't always bad. It's always good to tell it like it is IMHO.

2:42 PM  

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