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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Marketing is the Soap of the Unwashed Masses

I'm back from E3! Sad to say all I saw was a small area of Kentia Hall as 99% of my time was spent staring at the inner walls of Meeting Room 7529. The bright side is my legs don't hurt much, as I was sitting down.

I did get to pop over to South Hall for about 5 minutes (really, 5 minutes exactly). The title of this entry popped immediately into my head. Marketing is the soap of the unwashed masses.

Why? Because its a title that sounds great and means nothing, just like the multi-hundred thousand dollar booths I saw in my 5 minute jaunt. Sell the glitz, sell the names, sell sell sell. It is absolutely impossible that these companies featuring their many products in south hall can all make back what they are spending. Most of them will be entirely forgotten by the sixty thousand visitors, despite their HD plasma televisions, fog machines, light shows, and live stage performers.

My five minutes in South Hall told me that big business is all about marketing and none of the big business marketeers want to do anything more creative than get into a money war of ads and glitz, and so those uncreative companies will be the first to go in the upcoming round of thinning and consolitation.

PS: I saw a poster for Fallout 3. Please let it be good!


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