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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

GDC Blues

So I went to the GDC. It was two days of rather dull meeting people and one day (wed) of complete insanity. It wasn't that the people I met were dull, it was just so laid back Monday and Tuesday.

Anyway, I went to the IGF Awards and the Minna Mingle and met a lot of really cool people!

Of course, I got nothing done on the book in that time :(

BUT... on track, IGF AWARDS...

I wont give everyone a summary of stuff they already know. Instead I will relate the following story:

Of all the speeches given at the awards ceremony for BOTH the IGF and the GDC, including the Darwinia team dropping the F bomb on stage, I found it incredibly ironic that the best was given by a man who created a game about dropping anvils on rabbits.

Oh, yes, Jake and his Dodge that Anvil game gave a speech along the following lines:
"When I set out to create Dodge that Anvil it was my goal to create the best anvil dodging simulation ever made. I don't know if I achieved that goal, but this award tells me I am on the right track."

Oh, so awesome it gets a link in my blog. www.rabidlab.com to play Dodge that Anvil!

And now- back to editing.


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