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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Learning From My Poem

It may come as shock to you that my poem was written on the spur of the moment (in less than 30 minutes!); but it carried a hidden marketing message in it.

A lot of people will hear me talk about "Content marketing" - it's in the book. Basically it is this: make content for your site that people want to read. Best of all, make content that is interesting and original. Better still, make it so interesting that people talk about it.

When I finished the poem I did a few things, and now I will share the results.
First, I made two posts. One on Indiegamer.com and one on Idevgames.com that I had written a wonderful poem...Then I used a variety of ping services to let the blog directories know I had done an update.

The result: Between Saturday and Monday- 230 unique visitors. Now, that isn't exactly a earth shattering number, but when you compare it to last week's Sat-Mon (about 65 uniques) it is a huge leap forward. Imagine if I did that every week, going to different places (so not to spam) and continue finding new outlets to talk about my interesting new post.

The point is this: The poem was content. It was totally meaningless, but it was also creative enough that it made people smile, laugh, and talk about it. It was, in essence, nothing more than an evil marketing ploy! For my 30 minutes of work I was rewarded with a lot of extra (relative) traffic. If I were that entertaining EVERY week imagine what 52 weeks like that would bring. Imagine the power I could have if I had a newsletter signup button (I probably should, actually). Imagine how many times I would have to rhyme the word indie ....

Mindy, Cindy... That's all I can think of... And my wife would be angry :-/

Oh and hey, SPEAKING of M.Indie, my new article is online:

How many words can YOU think of that rhyme with M.indie... or Ninja Pirates.


Blogger cliff said...


4:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you could try selling your poem as shareware, cut off the end and ask 5$ for it :P

7:24 PM  
Blogger VGsmart said...

Close enough Cliff :)


9:23 PM  
Anonymous Angry Sicilian said...

With that many visitors, you should use the referal link at the bottom of my blog and sign up for Google adsense. You'll make some good change.

10:37 AM  

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