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Indie Game Marketing from the author of the Game Marketing book, The Indie Developer's Guide to Selling Games. Video Game Marketing made simple... or at least as simple as I can make it.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Weekend With Nothing Done

Took a break from writing this weekend. Was quite fun.

I made an important post at www.indiegamer.com recently that wasn't covered in the book, at least, not that I recall. I may slip it in yet:

The synopsis is this:

There are intangible benefits to doing business with YOUR company. For instance, you may have great customer service; fast, friendly and efficient. However, if the user is not aware of that fact BEFORE they make a purchase it won't impact your bottom line! Make sure users are aware of the benefits they get from dealing with your company directly.

The specific problem with customer service is, most of the time, when the problem reaches you the customer is already displeased. Customer service exists to create a sale the next time around, always remember that. Great customer service begins BEFORE the purchase is made by making them aware of the features and services you offer; not only to help sell the current product but so they know where to go when something goes wrong. Remember: Customer service shouldn't be looked at as a chore like fixing a dripping faucet, but instead at your LAST chance to turn a dead customer into a return customer.

It all starts before the purchase. End of story :)



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