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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Oh the places I go

Oh the places I go, with my head full of marketing and my fingers thrilled by use,
I'll write an entire blogpost like I was Dr. Seuss.

I go lots of places, through forums and sites,
I meet the developers, who all seem so nice.

But let me tell you, OH the places I go!

To indiegamer.com, with their membership dreams,
Where each developer has the potential it seems,
To be someone great, or at least someone good,
Except for that Cas, because he's awful crude (Sorry cas!)

Then to Gamedev.net with their students so thoughtful,
where ambitions are strongest, though experience not-so.
The articles there will inform and insite,
And in the end their students become rather bright.

And to the ASP, where the talk is expensive,
you'll find there's no place with skills to extensive.
Thought the website is crappy and and the price kinda of high,
nowhere will you find better for a marketing eye.

Now to Idevgames, with their Apple and Mac
My gosh, a small forum, but cut them no slack.
Though their downloads are few and their system perverted
Mac sales kill us all, with their percentage converted.

The IGDA, oh what a place to play!
Where enthusiast meets experience in pay.
While you are there, take note of a caper,
to steal some data from their white-paper.

And there's one more place a smart person will go,
It is thoughtful insightful, and sometimes quite slow,
Where the marketing folks are second to none,
even when their rhyming is done.

VGsmart is my favorite of the above,
Because it is mine... the one that I love!
So hear my advice, in rhyming so new
Else I'll do my next post from standard Haiku.


Blogger RB Stark said...

Nice :)

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aabb rhymes are gross, abab are much better

2:09 AM  

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