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Monday, November 03, 2008

What's a year without updates?

I've said it before and I will probably say it again. Im going to try to keep this dang thing updated!

Someone actually commented to me, in person, about a blog entry; which made me feel really guilty for not keeping it up to snuff. Mind you, it was a compliment, but still.

News is I am going to have a few articles in an upcoming book from gamedev.net; i'll let everyone know where and when. No new material really, just some cleaned up articles I wrote for them ages ago.

Most of my time currently is spent on Fallout 3. Good? Bad? Well I am the most jaded of jaded gamers and I have to say it is overwhelmingly positive. Not perfect; nothing is... but gosh its been a lot of fun. #1 complaint is the game lacks that certain personality that #1 and #2 had. That sort of personality that can be described in the same sentence as Monty Python or... perhaps... Al Lowe (Leisure Suit Larry). Yes Fallout 3 traded whimsical post apocalyptia for a more hard nose stance of trouble in the wasteland. Or perhaps it's just that even in the post apocalyptic future the west is more laid back than the east.

I've got business deals brewing, for those that are curious what I am doing with all the time I am NOT spending writing blogs, books, or dime romance novels. I can't talk about ANY of them really, but suffice to say while some may have taken my absense as some kind of retreat from the perils of game marketing it is quite the opposite.

I'll try to remember to make a post on the changing landscape of the gaming world. There's a storm brewing people, don't ignore the signs of change.



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